Locked and LoadedAirsoft Battle

Discover what an airsoft battle can offer you:

  • Feel the intense adrenaline rush in your body!
  • A masculine experience for true men.
  • Test your endurance, your strategic thinking and your shooting skills at the same time!
  • Enjoy a free round of beer after the battle!

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Everything about Airsoft in Budapest

Live like commandos for the day when you and your stag group try the unique and exciting game of “Airsoft” -- similar to paintball or laser tag but with even more heart-racing action.

Airsoft takes place in a custom-built arena that is used by the real-world policeman, soldiers and others for practice training in handling guns. Now you and your mates can join in on the experience, racing around eight different types of courses with your guns as you hunt down the “enemy.”

Spirit of Budapest - Airsoft

Feel the adrenaline rush​!

Instead of firing paint or lasers at each other, your stag party will wield powerful guns like AK47s, shotguns, and sniper rifles and use specially crafted plastic bullets to take down your targets. Use your wits to stalk your way around the courses and avoid being detected. Learn how the professionals use stealth and expert aim and walk away from the day a gun-toting hero.

Although the goal is to shoot and not get shot, safety is our top priority and the price for the day includes all of the necessary overalls, protectors, and masks that you'll need. Our guides speak fluent English and will talk you through all the necessary precautions before you get started.

Unlike other stag activities that last a short time, you'll get more than your money's worth with Airsoft as you and your mates have up to four hours and 1,000 bullets to play with.

We'll pick you up from whatever your location is in Budapest and transport you to and from the Airsoft arena, where you'll have your pick of either outside or interior courses. So don't worry about planning for travel, as our package removes all the stress of getting there and back.

And just like any good stag party, there will be alcohol -- although we advise being sober while playing, your gang will get a free round of beer to celebrate once the Airsoft war is over.

Airsoft in Budapest

What's in the package?

Here are the many great perks you get for just €49 per person:

  • 1,000 bullets using three different types of guns
  • four hours of playing time across eight indoor and outdoor courses
  • free transportation from your accommodation to the Airsoft venue
  • all the necessary protective gear for playing
  • help from our friendly, fluent-English guides
  • a round of beer after the game to celebrate your shooting

Although Airsoft is available all year round, this crazy game is proving incredibly popular with stag parties, so it's recommended to place your order quickly to guarantee your place.

Check out some airsoft experiences:

This is great value for money, you definitely get more than enough time to do all the hunting you want, and they even look after you when you're done with some beers.

Henry (41)

Awesome time, loved chasing my friends round the courses – each one is different which makes every game exciting. Highly recommended for other stags!

Sedric (26)

Even though I ended up getting shot the most I still had a cracking day out, and so did my friends.

Fabian (19)

I much prefer more relaxed days out, but even I was won over by this. It only takes a few seconds to get obsessed with hitting your targets and, more importantly, not getting hit.

Geoff (30)

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Get in contact with us, and we will send you a proper stag do plan with an Airsoft battle!

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