Feel the adrenaline: Lasertag Battle

Discover what a lasertag battle can offer you:

  • Feel the intense adrenaline rush in your body!
  • A masculine experience for true men.
  • Test your endurance, your strategic thinking and your shooting skills at the same time!
  • Enjoy a free round of beer after the battle!

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Everything about Lasertag battles in Budapest

If you're looking for a fun stag day out like paintball or air guns but you and your mates want something a little less painful, book one of our laser tag adventures in Budapest.

More and more stag groups are finding that an active day out can be just as much fun as more traditional outings like pub crawls. Get your heart rates up and jump straight into the action for up to two hours as you and your friends chase each other around our purpose-built laser tag center. This game found great popularity in the 1990s and is currently enjoying a major revival.

Best place in Budapest

We'll take you to the best laser tag venue in the city, packed with special sound and light effects that will make your team feel like they've been transported to another world. You'll race around the venue blasting lasers at each other, protecting your teammates and taking down your rivals. It's an incredibly energetic day out that will make for a truly memorable stag event.

Chat with our friendly guides who speak fluent English to learn all about the lasers and how the game works, then set off on your uninterrupted adventure around our course.

It's a great bonding exercise as you and your team plot a strategy for taking down the other side. Maybe you'll split up and take strategic positions around the course, or travel in a pack? The choice is totally up to you, as we give you complete freedom to craft your own experience.

To help keep your energy levels up, we'll also provide snacks and water during the game. And while we don't recommend going around the course with a few drinks in you, we'll provide a free round of beer after the game so that you and mates can toast to your marksmanship.

And because you'll be using lasers rather than paintballs or plastic bullets, your gang will all walk away from the day without any injuries, making it a perfectly safe day out.

​What do you get?

For just €39 per person, you and your team will get:

  • two hours of laser tag gaming
  • snacks and water to keep up your energy levels
  • free round of beer to celebrate after the game
  • help from our friendly, fluent-English guides

So give the predictable pub crawls a break and try something different for your stag do by picking up a laser gun and taking part in the revival of this amazing activity.

Check out some lasertag experiences:

It was like going back in time to the 90s when lastertag was all the rage -- great time!

Wes (31)

We didn't want to leave. The lastertag centre is huge and you really get stuck into the game.

Greg (23)

Definitely recommend! Something different to do for a stag, and chasing each other with lasers for a couple hours beat the usual drinking in pubs and clubs.

Pat (26)

Solid outing and no complaints from anyone in our group -- and the free beer at the end is a big plus!

Harry (28)

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