Feel the adrenaline: Paintball Battle

Discover what a paintball battle can offer you:

  • Feel the intense adrenaline rush in your body!
  • A masculine experience for true men.
  • Test your endurance, your strategic thinking and your shooting skills at the same time!
  • Enjoy a free round of beer after the battle!

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Everything about Paintball battles in Budapest

Grab a paintball gun and start hunting down your friends in this exciting way to celebrate a stag party, a unique and heart-racing choice for celebrating the main event.

We'll meet your group at wherever you're staying in Budapest and transport you to the paintball center. There you'll have the choice of racing around eight different courses, tracking down your rivals as you experience the thrill of not only hunting them but also being hunted. You'll need to be at your sharpest to survive the hours of shooting and try to come out the winner.

Included in the price are the paintball guns, 200 bullets, and all the protective masks, overalls and other things you need -- it's not a gentle day out, but rest assured it'll be a safe one.

For teams that want even more of an adrenaline rush, there are packages available that will give you more bullets and other crazy weapons like smoke and color grenades.

Our fluent-English speaking guides will explain everything on the day and walk you and your mates through it all. Then you'll be ready to grab your weapon and live like a soldier as you and your squad try to take down your “enemies” for the day. It's a great group outing that will get your and your stag party pumped up with something different than the same-old pub or club crawls.

Paintball is proving increasingly popular for stag parties, as players get a real buzz working in teams or alone to take down their targets, and our paintball center in Budapest is one of the best available. Once you've tried it, you'll know why it's in high demand all year round.

​What do you get?

For the total of just €33 per person, here's what you get:

  • 200 paint bullets to shoot, and we'll provide the guns
  • four hours of paintball game time
  • play across eight different courses
  • all the protective gear you need for a safe game
  • transportation from your hotel to the paintball center
  • fluent-English speaking guide

This amazing activity is available all year round regardless of the weather, so no matter when you and your friends are having the stag party, this is a perfect choice for the big day.

Check out some paintball experiences:

Back home I'm a frequent paintball player, and I can say this place is one of the best I've ever played at. Huge variety of courses, weapons are first-rate, the whole thing is great.

Anish (28)

My mates made fun of me because I was worried about getting hurt, but they really look after you on this, they give you all the safety stuff you need and I felt totally at ease. Would do again!

Patrick (19)

It was raining on the day we went so we had to shift from the outdoor to the indoor course, but it was still amazing, they really know how to host a good paintball game here.

Bill (22)

I'm not the most active person you've ever met, but I really enjoyed this. We ran around for a long time chasing each other down, but I didn't get worn out.

Ted (33)

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