For true men only: Shooting

Discover what a shooting range can offer you:

  • Feel the intense adrenaline rush in your body!
  • A masculine experience for true men.
  • Test your shooting skills with 6 different guns!
  • Enjoy a free round of beer at the end!

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Everything about Shooting in Budapest

You and your mates might be used to playing with guns in video games or seeing them in movies, but try getting your hands on the real thing for a one-of-a-kind stag party, and sign up for a group day out at a shooting range where you'll get to experience the thrill of real firepower.

Some stag groups like to do a pub crawl or a historical tour or even a sports match, but there's nothing to beat the adrenaline rush you'll get playing with the biggest selection of guns in Hungary.

We'll transport you for free from wherever you're staying to the shooting range, where you and your friends will get the chance to fire more than 30 shots from our various firearms.

You don't need to have any experience with firearms or even have a shooting license to take part. Our friendly, fluent-English professional instructors will walk your team through the entire day, teaching them everything from the basics of gun safety to how to hit your targets like a pro.

Bad weather isn't a problem at our indoor shooting range so you can come and have a go with the guns no matter what time of year your stag party is taking place. It's a truly unique way to get your gang together and experience the excitement of wielding some powerful weapons.

Ever imagined yourself as James Bond taking out a bad guy? Or ever played games with guns like Grand Theft Auto and wondered what it'd be like to fire the real thing? Now's your chance because the shooting range is the ideal way to safely try out this heart-racing activity.

Of course, no stag do is complete with a few beverages and to celebrate your day out we'll provide a free round of beers once the shooting's done -- trust us, your aim will be much better sober!

After your time at the shooting range is over, we'll also get you back to where you're staying.

What do you get?

For just €33 per person, our all-inclusive basic shooting package will get you:

  • 31 shots with 4 different types of gun
  • free transfer to and from your hotel and the shooting range
  • fluent-English speaking guides to help you through your visit
  • professional instructors to teach you how to shoot
  • a free round of beer to celebrate after the shooting

Forget going on pub crawls or other typical stag parties and come shooting instead, having a great time!

Check out some shooting experiences:

Not a big fan of guns but quickly got into this day out, ended up doing even better than some of my friends who practice with them frequently!

John (34)

Amazing, the guns are really powerful, had so much adrenaline shooting these bad boys!

Chris (27)

I have never fired a gun in my life, but the instructors were really helpful and they're on hand to guide you through the whole thing, they definitely made the day for me.

Derek (30)

Our stag group was a hotel way outside of town so we were worried they might not get us to the shooting centre, but we needn't have worried, transport was a breeze and had fun shooting.

Jim (26)

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