Why Budapest, why Spirit?

What is the Hungarian spirit?

When you enter our country, at one point we Hungarians will insist on making you drink a sip of spirit – our world famous pálinka.Whether you want it or not, this is the first moment you will meet our famous hospitality and you just need to go with the flow. You have no other choice J. (Try to hold your tears back. You will understand).

We are keen to make you feel good, to make you love our country, our capital Budapest. Well let’s admit it won’t be a challange. An unforgettable and unique atmosphere which comes from the odd but somehow lovely contradiciton of the stunning, historical architecture and the pulsing nightlife. Already sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

And we both know why you are planning to visit us. Because you want it all! J You want to meet the beautiful girls, the coolest drinking spots, the famous ruin pubs and thermal baths, the exciting stag do activities, the best strip clubs you probably already heard about.

You wanna have fun and probably you just don’t want to spend a fortune on your holiday. We can assure you, you are in good hands here.

Coming back to the above mentioned spirit.

Why did we pick the name Spirit of Budapest for ourselves? Easy. Because our goal is to become the prefect mixture of a lovely host and a supporting ally who will convince you to take part in the craziest things you wish to do on your stag weekend – in good spirit. 😉